Formadri creations are characterized by simplicity, functionality and experimental design. Our ambition is to elevate these essential elements into new bold designs that complete any space.

Our designs are marked by durability, craftsmanship and high quality. Formadri designs have a minimal environmental impact and all our products are recyclable. Our products are made entirely in The Netherlands.

Customization has always been part of the Formadri legacy. Some of our products are highly suitable for color customization. Please contact our sales department for further information.


The simplicity of Formadri designs make our products very versatile and easy to blend into almost any home or professional environment. Basic shapes are turned into iconic designs without being too prominent. Even though Formadri products are eye-catching, they never dominate a space.

Basic and elegant
Basic Dome 90 Rib Black


An essential quality of Formadri creations is expressed by the many ways in which our lamps are used today. Our products are designed to be used in different environments, making them both functional and versatile. We believe practicality does not have to be compromised over design.

Functional Design
Leila 55


Innovation is driven by experiments. At Formadri, we always design our products considering four dimensions: three of shape and the fourth being light.

Our use of materials is another area where we experiment frequently. Over time, you may see our product range expand with new variations of existing designs.


Aad Verboom
Basic Dome, Oval, Space

Designer Aad Verboom grew up in the Gouda area and moved to Amsterdam in the eighties. With a background in retail, Aad started to design a range of interior products for fashion retailers. As an autodidact, Aad mastered the design of interior lighting and furniture and various molding techniques to create very unique products.

Truly passionate about his products, work and live, Aad has always been a great inspiration for many people around him. He became a well-known figure in  Amsterdam  society.

Unfortunately, Aad passed away in 2016. His legacy lives on today in some of the most iconic products within the Formadri collection.

Jannes Hak is a Dutch designer and co-owner of the Amsterdam design company Mr Maria. Since 2006, Jannes has been designing magical items based on Dick Bruna characters. Mr Maria’s most famous design is a large lamp of the iconic Miffy character.

His designs are  minimalistic and display joy and peace. Jannes also designed some of the lamps in today’s Formadri collection.

Simon Spier
Ball Dome, Basic Dome

Simon Spier was born and raised in Amsterdam where he built a career in interior and furniture design. Next to the many years he has been involved in architecture, building and design,  Simon moved into the fashion industry in the nineties by launching his own jeans label.

Through his close relationship with Aad Verboom, he became inspired by the designer lighting products of Formadri.

More recently, Simon has designed several lamps for Formadri and became a co-owner of the company.


Formadri creations are built on craftsmanship. All Formadri products are handmade using a combination of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques. In this way, we create flexibility in designs while maintaining the high quality that our customers require. All Formadri products are made in The Netherlands using local suppliers for each specific part.

Former workshop
Basic Dome 60 and 90

At Formadri, we experiment with ways to renew our collection and to satisfy our appetite for high quality.

Our continuous drive for optimization may result in design changes of our products over time. In addition, we know that customization is important to some of our customers, in particular for the architects and interior designers we work with.

Custom finish
Gold finish on Basic Dome 90 White