Gallery The Ball Dome 135s phenomenal size is perfect fit for any large area, such as this shopping gallery in Almere. Beautifully blending with the other white fixtures, the large Ball Dome brings harmony.

Summer Rayo

Summer Rayo Rayo, our extraordinary pool chair. Stylish and rebel is what makes this chair so unique. Combine it with our black Leila vase to create a beautiful modern pool setting.


Leila Leila is back. The perfect vase is comes is various colors and can be equipped with regular lighting or LED. The versatility in use turns Leila from a stylish vase into an exclusive event cooler on a hot summer day.

Waking Up

Waking up Waking up on a Saturday morning for a slow start of the weekend or rush off on an early Tuesday to your first meeting of the day, the Ball Dome is the perfect companion for your start of the day. Experiencing the sunrise while enjoying a latte or go through the morning news…


More Our popular Basic Dome comes in 3 standard colors (white, grey, black), but there are many more options in color and material for projects in professional environments. Feel free to contact us to learn about customization.


Upgrading This kids apparel store in Amsterdam decided to upgrade their store with Formadri lighting. Exposing the original ceilings created the perfect space to fill with a series of white Basic Domes and Bell Domes.


Space This is what LED can do to a Formadri Space 92. Without too much décor, a change of color to the spectacular Space lamp just literally lights up your space.


Circular This is what makes Formadri designs unique: we create products that are largely recyclable. With the Basic Dome Eco we are bringing this to the next level: a fully recyclable product to meet today’s needs for cirular designs.


Event Create the perfect setting on your event with Formadri designs. Some of our dealers offer our products for special occasions. See what a beautiful décor Delight Eventdesign created with 12 of our Ball Dome 90 Rib lamps.


Two-tone Most of our products can be upgraded through our custom program. For instance, this business wanted a two-tone Ball Dome 90 with a white outside and deep purple inside to match their other office furniture.